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New 9-hole golf course opens in Virolahti!


Kaakon Golf is one of the newest members of Finnish Golf Union. Welcome aboard!

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Nikolai II Romanov 1912The history of golf in Finland was started by noble holiday makers in Virolahti already 100 years ago, when The Grand Duke of Finland and Emperor of Russia, His Royal Highness Nikolai II Romanov ordered a small putting and chipping area to be built for his royal family and noble friends.

It is a known fact that cousin to Nikolai II, Grand Duke Michael Michailovich of Romanov, who resided in Cannes, France, was a great fan of golf. Grand Duke Michael had paid a visit to St Andrews golf course in Scotland, and after returning to his home in Cannes, he started planning and building a 9 hole course in 1891. Later on he invited world famous British golf course designer Harry Colt to redesign it to a new 18 hole course. The renovated golf course was built in Mandelieu, and was completed in 1908. This was going to be the very first golf course in the French Riviera, and it is still in operation, called today The Old course, Cannes – Mandelieu. It is only natural that the royal Romanov family discussed golf, at least when Grand Duke Michael was part of the conversation.

The coast line and archipelago of Virolahti is among the most beautiful in Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea. The Emperor spent a long vacation in Virolahti every summer from 1906 to 1914, living in his imperial yacht, surrounded by tens of others yachts and ships. The Emperor built golf and tennis courses on the mainland Virolahti for their private "amusement park" in 1912. The visitors of the Grand Duke and Emperor during his summer vacations included Emperor of Germany, Wilhelm II Hohenzollern, and the King of Sweden, Gustav V Bernadotte.

World war I ended royal holidaymaking in Virolahti archipelago, and golf playing ceased all over the world for few years. When good times gradually returned, the first golf course was built in Tali, Helsinki, and an another one a bit later in Vyborg, just 50 km from Virolahti. This took place in 1930’s. After WW II it took another 45 years before Russians could come for private holidays in Finland, and still today, Virolahti, the Royal family’s holiday nest, with her golf and tennis courses is still like a hidden gem only a few knowledgeable holiday makers have found.

Now golf is returning to Virolahti, and you are warmly welcomed to enjoy the game of golf where it all started in our country.If the game is new to you, we will be happy to introduce you to it. The designer of our golf course is internationally renowned golf architect Lassi-Pekka Tilander, whom a British golf magazine has chosen to be among 100 best golf architects of all times in Europe and the British Isles.



Kaakon Golf couse will be located approx. 200km west from St. Petersburg and 10km west from Vaalimaa. Only a 1km away from highway 7 (the shortest road from Helsinki to St. Petersburg), this 9-hole course designed by Lassi-Pekka TIlander is being built along a beautiful riverside.

Only a 90 minute car drive from Helsinki!

Säkäjärventie 204
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